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Empower Teachers  &  Inclusion Teams  with  an  award-winning,  data-driven program  for  Math and Reading  improvements.  

Number of  Users  and  Countries

  • Successfully  used  by  11  million+  users  globally.

  • United States,  Argentina,  Philippines,  Japan,  Switzerland,  Spain,  Mexico,  Saudi  Arabia  and  UAE to name  a  few. Written  for Common Core  Standards and  implemented  successfully across other  skill-  based  curricula.

  • i-Ready   is backed  by timely research  conducted  in  diverse  educational  settings.  This  research  meets the criteria for ESSA  Level  3  evidence,  qualifying  these  programs for School  Improvement funding  in  the  US.  

Click here to view a recent summary report of i-Ready efficacy studies including independent and third-party research. The report specifically examines evidence of the impact of i-Ready on Students’ Reading and Mathematics Achievement.

Grades/Years  it  can  be  applied  to

i-Ready offers  K-12  adaptive  diagnostics and  K-8  instruction.

Diagnostic & Instruction Content Areas: What i-Ready Measures & Outcomes 

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Designed and developed to meet the rigor of today’s College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). Curriculum Associates’ award-winning i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction for Reading and Mathematics combines a valid and reliable assessment suite with instructional resources targeted to each child’s specific academic needs.  

What Sets i-Ready Apart?  


  • All-inclusive solution – Provides a blended solution with diagnostic plus instruction to meet ALL students’ academic needs  

  • Reach Inclusivity Target- Empower teachers, support teachers and learning support assistants

  • Cost effective – 3-tiered approach that includes adaptive diagnostics, growth monitoring (interim assessments throughout the year) and individual lessons for each child

  • Technical Support – Ongoing onsite training and technical support provided locally (Dubai)  

  • Seamless Integration – Saves teachers valuable time in meeting individual needs  

  • Technology enhanced format – Engaging, interactive interface ensures motivation

  • Ease of use – Consistent color coded, easy to read multipurpose reports, user-friendly navigation  

  • Trust-worthy data – Educational Research Institute of America (ERIA), a third-party research company confirmed that i-Ready is correlated to end of year assessments measuring whether students are on track to meet the rigor of today’s accountabilities.


MAP Score Improvement- Designed for the Common Core Standards, i-Ready delivers instruction based on CCSS and ensures students perform better on standardized tests like MAP.  

i-Ready- The Most Compelling Solution 

Years of research, classroom experience, and educator partnerships have led us to create assessment tools that “see” what the human eye cannot. This insight complements—with surgical precision—what an educator knows about her students and immediately allows her/him to access individualized learning paths and connect to multiple, targeted instructional materials built from the same company. Having both reading and mathematics materials available in the same best-in-class program saves time and energy for both educators and students.

Blended Learning Option

Your school can be a pioneer of true ‘Blended Learning’ for personalized instruction.  Used in combination or as separate products, the Ready suite of books, i- Ready assessment and personalized Online Instruction, and the remarkably useful teacher resources in the Teacher Toolbox give teachers a complete system of programs that were fundamentally designed to work together to enhance their instruction and lead to student growth. 

i-Ready License Usage

i-Ready is a cloud-based solution and each student receives an online license for each subject valid for one year.  It is available on desktops, laptops and i-Pads. Students can access the program from home and/or during holidays should the school wish to use it as a powerful tool for supplementary learning. 

i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction Development

Curriculum Associates 

Founded 50 years ago by educators with a mission to make classrooms better places for teachers and students, today Curriculum Associates proudly uphold their legacy and remain committed to partnering with educators to ensure students grow. Curriculum Associates suite of programs, Ready/i-Ready for Math and English improvements and Brigance for Early Childhood Development and Special Education, offer schools a robust and effective solution for supplementary support in critical areas of Personalized Learning and Inclusion. 

Learn more about Curriculum Associates here.


Visit our Programs page to learn more i-Ready or get in touch through the contact form below to speak with one of our qualified consultants.

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