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Ready Common Core Reading: Powerful Supplementary Reading/ELA Curriculum

Ready Common Core Reading is designed to help younger learners become strong readers by effectively bridging gaps for every student to meet today's challenging standards. The program offers engaging, complex and authentic texts, allowing students to apply close reading methods across diverse genres and formats.

Ready Common Core Reading consistently follows the Read, Think, Talk, Write methodology, emphasizing teacher-led conversations and small group collaboration as critical to student achievement. Lessons are designed to gradually build students' confidence while also encouraging the development of critical thinking and analytical abilities. Students are captivated by a wide range of practical source texts, including ELA books, literature, poetry, blogs, and news articles.

Ready Common Core Reading goes above and beyond to provide both students and teachers with resources, both on and off grade level. Here are a few aspects of the program that make it especially powerful:

- Develops ELA reading comprehension skills and techniques.
- Finds a medium between on-grade-level and individualized education.
- Teacher's guide assists educators with helping students develop good reading habits.
- Aligns instruction with the Common Core State Standards from K-8, ensuring a consistent educational path both within and across grades. 


Program Components:

Why Choose Ready Common Core Reading to Supplement Your ELA Curriculum?

Promotes critical thinking with rigorous texts and question-based instructional model

Real-world reading engages students

Helps students develop close reading strategies through extensive practice

Standards-aligned support tools for teachers – available in print and digitally

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