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Because You Can’t Start Too Early

BRIGANCE Early Childhood focuses on the skills that lead to school success.

Our developmental screeners and assessment inventories use observation, interviews, and child performance to pinpoint understanding in the domains tied to early development and school or kindergarten readiness. Test content aligns to the Common Core and many state-specific learning standards to equip educators with familiar information to fit their existing framework.

Educators use our products to assist with identifying potential delays and giftedness, supporting referrals for services, and planning individualized instruction.

Development Screens

Developmental screening offers a valuable snapshot of a child's current developmental status. Fast and precise assessments measuring early development and academic skills mastery serve as an initial step in evaluating a child's readiness for school. These screenings enable educators to promptly detect potential developmental delays or giftedness and plan necessary interventions.

Criterion-referenced inventory

While screens capture a momentary view, criterion-referenced assessment tracks a child's performance on a defined set of skills overtime. This type of assessment is employed when evaluating progress is based solely on comparing a child's current and past performance. It is typically chosen when normative or standardized scores are not required.

Norm-referenced Inventory

A norm-referenced inventory evaluates a child's performance on a set of skills compared to same-age children. These assessments are standardized and validated on a normative sample. Educators choose standardized assessment when normative scores, including composite scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents, are required.

Program Components:



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Early Childhood Screens III and Data Sheets

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Screens III Spanish Directions

Brigance Early Childhood-icon-03.webp

Screens III Online Management System (OMS)

Brigance Early Childhood-icon-04.webp

Screens III Technical Manual

Brigance Early Childhood-icon-05.webp

Readiness Activities

Brigance Early Childhood-icon-06.webp

Take-home Activity Books Collection



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IED III—Early Childhood Edition and IED III Record Book

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Readiness Activities

Brigance Early Childhood-icon-13.webp

Take-home Activity Books Collection



Brigance Early Childhood-icon-07.webp

IED III Standardized and IED III Standardized Record Book

Brigance Early Childhood-icon-11.webp

IED III Standardization and Validation Manual

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Take-home Activity Books Collection

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