Professional Development

EduEnhance offers a comprehensive range of professional development programs for administrators, teachers, and support staff in collaboration with global partners, including Array Global and Epicenter Education. Our goal is to equip schools and educators with up-to-date skills and knowledge to keep up with the latest global standards and best practices for 21st century classrooms.


We provide day-long and half-day workshops on a wide variety of professional topics designed to help school leaders and educators learn new strategies to help their students improve.

Some of the topics we cover include:

      ●  Blended Learning

      ●  Classroom Management

      ●  Instructional Strategies

      ●  Administrative Leadership

      ●  STEM & Technology in the Classroom

You may also ​contact us to request a customized workshop or training package that helps you address specific challenges and requirements in your institution.


From development plans for new and experienced teachers to English language proficiency programs, we offer customizable professional development courses and training for educators across different curricula and countries.


View the full catalogue of Professional Development Courses we offer through Epicenter Education here.

Write to us to inquire about other courses and training opportunities.


We offer a range of Professional Certifications in partnership with Array Global. These include:

  • Education Fundamentals Certificate

  • Instructional Strategies Certificate

  • Student Engagement Certificate

  • Teaching Competency Certification

  • STEM Certificate

  • Technology Certificate

  • Instructional Coaching Certificate

  • Graphic Design for Schools Certificate

  • Administrative Leadership Series I Certificate

  • Administrative Leadership Series II Certificate

  • Administrative Leadership Competency  Certification

Get in touch  to understand how our Certifications can help you meet local requirements and global standards as an institution, educator or administrator.


We offer an exclusive International Certified Accomplished Teacher program in partnership with Array Global and Epicenter Education. International Certified Accomplished Teachers (ICATs) are highly-skilled, effective, and reflective educators who positively and significantly impact students' lives and academic achievement. ICATs are highly sought after by administrators and schools all over the globe. These teachers are consummate professionals who elevate the practice and profession at every turn.

Teachers seeking this certification are required to go through the Accomplished Teacher Process conducted by Epicenter Education in order to prepare for a final evaluation. The final evaluation and certification process are done through Array Global.

Our vision is to see accomplished teachers in every school, collaborating with administration to provide the finest education for students throughout the globe.

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Inquire about our Professional Development courses, programs and workshops.