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Rich, easy-to-access data drives instruction and enables a common language that unites.

Making it a reality means knowing where to start and what to do next.

Building conceptual understanding and problem solving with data‑driven insights.

Using an asset-based philosophy that starts with each English Learner's can dos.

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Why schools should consider


Empower Teachers  &  Inclusion Teams  with  an  award winning,  data driven program for Math and Reading  improvements.

Assessment Suite

An adaptive assessment designed to provide teachers with actionable insight into student needs.


i-Ready Diagnostic

Online, personalized instruction and practice promote productive struggle to help learners at all levels achieve proficiency.

i-Ready Instruction


Early Childhood Screening & Assessment

Are they ready for kindergarten? These developmental screening and assessment inventories, plus correlated lesson ideas, will help you see what kids know so you can plan where to go.

BRIGANCE Early Childhood


Ready Programs

A top-rated K–8 program by EdReports combines rigorous instruction and engaging practice to build strong mathematical habits.


Ready Mathematics

Teaching a classroom of students who are all at different levels can be challenging work. 

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Ready Teacher Toolbox

Special Education Assessment & Instruction

Assessment inventories that support exceptional students at every level throughout their school career and beyond, aiding educators with pinpointing PLOP and PLAAFP and writing IEPs.


BRIGANCE Special Education

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