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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics: Transformative Mathematics Instruction for Every Student

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics is a core program that uses the Try–Discuss–Connect instructional framework. This method encourages students to independently attempt problem-solving, engage in meaningful discussions with peers, and make connections between different mathematical concepts. 

Try-Discuss-Connect Instructional Framework


How do you make math practice effective for your students?

Students must practice all parts of rigorousness: conceptual comprehension, procedural fluency, and implementation.

Develop procedural fluency through conceptual understanding by practicing reasoning about, discussing, and solving high-quality, demanding tasks.

In i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, lesson-level practice ensures that students apply vocabulary, methods, and processes flexibly in context throughout the class.

Unit-level and continuous practice in i-Ready Classroom Mathematics provide chances for optional review of existing or necessary concepts and maintenance of fluency.

More isn't always preferred. Since practice is built into the lesson, students will just need more time to have a thorough comprehension of the mathematics.

Practice is for reinforcing rather than reteaching. Before practicing with extra problem sets, make sure students have received proper instruction on subjects. Otherwise, students may ineffectively practice topics or become discouraged.

Program Components:

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Build Number

Sense Every Day


Encourage Hands-On Learning Opportunities


Choose from a Variety of Student-Led Centers


Quickly Assess Student Understanding

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Get Results with a Proven Multi-Day Lesson Structure



Deep Understanding



Every Student

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Get Support You Deserve!

Program Components:


Professional Learning

From live, in-person sessions and coaching to online, on-demand courses, we offer a flexible system of support as unique as your goals, your users, and your schedules.


Always Improving

We’re constantly improving our programs based on the latest research and customer feedback to make sure we’re serving the needs of teachers and students.


Highly Rated

Evidence-based curriculum designed to meet rigor of current standards

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