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i-Ready Assessments: Designed to Pinpoint Learning Needs with Surgical Precision

Designed to Pinpoint Learning Needs with Surgical Precision

With i-Ready Assessment, you are able to assist every student with a single coherent assessment program that delivers clear data, is linked to connected instruction, and is supported by a committed service. The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) rates i-Ready highly, and instructors rely on it to provide screening, progress tracking, and benchmark tests to more than 11 million students globally.

Sophisticated Assessments with Practical Purpose

The rich data from i-Ready Assessments empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students’ needs. Based on industry leading research into assessment design and backed by extensive validity evidence, sophisticated data is transformed into meaningful, actionable insights that make differentiating instruction a reality for teachers. A suite of intuitive reports provide a common language through which both teachers and administrators can work toward the shared goal of student achievement. The i-Ready Assessments suite:

  • Pinpoints students’ strengths and knowledge gaps at the sub-skill level

  • Delivers personalized learning paths in i-Ready Instruction

  • Saves time by automatically grouping students and offering targeted instructional recommendations

  • Helps educators spot trends across student groups

  • Predicts performance on specific standards by school/class

How It Works

One of the most frequent questions we get about i‑Ready is, “What does success look like in real schools and classrooms?” A successful i‑Ready implementation is one in which the classroom teacher is at the center. She is making instructional decisions based on her own knowledge of her students and is supported by insightful i‑Ready Assessment data that is a complement to her instincts, not a replacement. She is taking advantage of the wide range of instructional tools that are part of the i‑Ready suite to reach every one of her students—individually, in small groups, or as part of her whole class instruction.

But making time for i‑Ready during the busy school day while remaining focused on what matters is not always intuitive. Below, we share some tips and advice for ensuring you are ready for success with i‑Ready.


Understand students’ strengths and areas of need.

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Clear, Actionable Data

Data that is valid, reliable, and easy to interpret should be utilized for instruction. A strong Diagnostic will help you understand student abilities and learning objectives. Get a complete picture of individual and classroom student learning.

Personalized student learning based on what each student need.

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Connected Instruction

i-Ready Instruction meets students where they are and prepares them for grade-level learning. Rigorous, standards’ aligned lessons helps students bridge learning gaps and progress.

People-powered and committed to continuous improvement

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Committed Service

With a dedicated partner by your side, be impowered to leverage the full value of i-Ready. Save time by using a platform designed for educators and achieve the most effective results for your students.

Get in touch to request sample lessons and receive more information.

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