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School Support Services

Based in Dubai, UAE, our team is deeply familiar with the local and regional education landscape. In addition, we bring together a network of advisors and consultants based across the region that bring decades of experience facilitating high standards of education through their work with schools, school groups, regulatory bodies and government authorities. 

Our local and regional presence and experience enable us to offer schools, school groups, and government authorities the complete support they need to ensure our solutions meet their requirements.


Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Further analysis of data to meet inspection and accreditation requirements

  • Alignment of data from i-Ready and other reports with regional and international benchmarking scales, such as the Standard Age Score (SAS)

  • Research into how Curriculum Associates program and solutions meet local inspection standards, for example, the UAE School Inspection Framework and KHDA guidelines for the recently mandated literacy assessment in Dubai, UAE

  • Offering Professional development and training content in Arabic

  • Tailored professional development and ongoing on-the-ground support, i.e. we are always just a call or email away to address your queries and assist educators and leadership teams as required

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Get in touch for more information about how we can support your school

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