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Teacher Toolbox – ELA/Mathematics: Comprehensive, Standards-Aligned Supplemental Resources for K-8, All in One Place

Teachers should not be burdened with spending their limited time searching for materials to cater to various levels of learners. The Teacher Toolbox was created to empower teachers with one-stop access to research-based resources for on-level and differentiated instruction that is flexible and engaging.

Teacher Toolbox Is:

A digital compilation where teachers can access relevant, standards-based materials for introducing new concepts, revisiting standards, or supporting students in getting fundamental skills from previous grades.

An easy-to-use platform that offers a comprehensive range of Grades K-8 instructional resources for Mathematics, Reading, and Writing, as well as multimedia content, discourse assistance, and examination practices.

Integrated with i-Ready to create a continuous link between student data and instruction.

A excellent addition to i-Ready, i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, Magnetic Reading, and Ready education, or a stand-alone classroom tool.


Teacher Toolbox-02.JPG

Multimedia Content

Teacher Toolbox-03.JPG


Teacher Toolbox-04.JPG

Tutoring Support

Teacher Toolbox-05.JPG

Additional Resources

Supplement Teacher Toolbox With:

i-Ready Assessment

Magnetic Reading

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

Ready Mathematics

Ready Common Core Reading

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