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EduEnhance has partnered with Array Global to accredit K-12, primary, middle, high, international, national, post-secondary vocational/career, and distance-based institutions.



EduEnhance offers a comprehensive range of professional development programs for administrators, teachers, and support staff in collaboration with global partners, including Array Global and Epicenter Education.

Professional Development

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EduEnhance has partnered with Array Global to certify STEM/STEAM programs, specialized educational programs, and educational consulting providers.



Our team of ​Advisors and Consultants​ ​bring decades of international experience to support school leaders and educators.

School Improvement services

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EduEnhance offers a wide range of training options to school administrators, educators, tutors and support staff to implement our award-winning EdTech and Blended Learning programs.

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Ed-Tech Programs Training

EduEnhance, in partnership with Array Global, offers awards and recognition to highlight exceptional students, teachers, administrators, institutional activities and programs.

Awards & Recognition