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English Learners Are in 75% of US Classrooms


We recognize the many assets English Learners bring to the classroom, and ensuring they achieve academic success with rigorous grade-level content is our priority.

How We Support English Learners

From the start, we design our product suite with English Learners in mind. We leverage research-based best practice guidance from researchers and frameworks from organizations such as the Council of the Great City Schools, the English Learners Success Forum, and others to identify non-negotiable criteria that better support English Learners. The following are principles of our instruction:


Promote Engagement and Access

Ensure English Learners acquire content knowledge while also acquiring language through culturally responsive content.


Integrate Strategic Scaffolds

Provide the right amount of scaffolded support to help English Learners build on their knowledge to achieve independence.


Support Academic Language Development

Offer multiple opportunities for English Learners to acquire and use language that moves toward complexity

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