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PHONICS for Reading: Supporting Older Struggling Readers with Age-Appropriate Intervention

It’s never too late to crack the code! Do you have middle or high school students who have not yet mastered the decoding skills they need to be independent readers? This is a problem you can solve.

In PHONICS for Reading, Dr. Anita Archer leverages decades of research into the Science of Reading and the Science of Instruction to deliver the right skills in the right order to help older students who have long struggled at the word level.

With its age-appropriate content and illustrations, PHONICS for Reading is designed to ensure that students in Grades 3–12 feel comfortable and, more importantly, empowered by their foundational skills instruction.

One, Two, or All Three Levels

Some students may only need Level-3. Others will need to start at Level 1 or Level 2, depending on their proficiency.


Get in touch to request sample lessons and receive more information.

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