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i-Ready Assessments: Designed to Pinpoint Learning Needs with Surgical Precision

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Designed to Pinpoint Learning Needs with Surgical Precision

The rich data from i-Ready Assessments empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students’ needs. Based on industry leading research into assessment design and backed by extensive validity evidence, sophisticated data is transformed into meaningful, actionable insights that make differentiating instruction a reality for teachers. A suite of intuitive reports provide a common language through which both teachers and administrators can work toward the shared goal of student achievement. The i-Ready Assessments suite:

  • Pinpoints students’ strengths and knowledge gaps at the sub-skill level

  • Delivers personalized learning paths in i-Ready Instruction

  • Saves time by automatically grouping students and offering targeted instructional recommendations

  • Helps educators spot trends across student groups

  • Predicts performance on specific standards by school/class

How it Works

How It Works

One of the most frequent questions we get about i‑Ready is, “What does success look like in real schools and classrooms?” A successful i‑Ready implementation is one in which the classroom teacher is at the center. She is making instructional decisions based on her own knowledge of her students and is supported by insightful i‑Ready Assessment data that is a complement to her instincts, not a replacement. She is taking advantage of the wide range of instructional tools that are part of the i‑Ready suite to reach every one of her students—individually, in small groups, or as part of her whole class instruction.

But making time for i‑Ready during the busy school day while remaining focused on what matters is not always intuitive. Below, we share some tips and advice for ensuring you are ready for success with i‑Ready.

Focusing on Six Key Teacher Actions

From our work with thousands of teachers, we have learned that focusing on the following key actions helps unlock i‑Ready’s full potential to help teachers meet each student’s unique needs.

1. Prepare for and actively monitor each Diagnostic, preparing students, encouraging focus, and closely monitoring rushing and completion.


2. Establish schedules that allow for Online Instruction, striving to give students access to 45 minutes of instruction per subject per week.


3. Review reports after each Diagnostic, focusing on Diagnostic Results, Instructional Groupings, and Diagnostic Growth. Review data from interim assessments to prioritize and adjust instruction.


4. Monitor student progress and respond by checking usage, percent of lessons passed, and alerts weekly to adjust schedules and your instruction when students struggle and domains are shut off.


5. Deliver differentiated small group instruction weekly, grouping students based on their i‑Ready data and using recommended resources to guide instruction and deepen their understanding.

6. Set clear goals for students and celebrate growth and progress, making sure goals are visible in classrooms, and regularly taking time to track progress and have data chats with students.

Professional development

How We Partner

EduEnhance represents Curriculum Associates and facilitates with the following. Our service teams prioritize educator satisfaction and pride themselves on the relationships they build to support staff at the school level and the district office. From Account Management to Professional Development, Technical Support and Data Analytics, our integrated teams are intentionally structured to work closely together and ensure your entire team has the support you need to be successful with i-Ready.

Account Management

Our Account Management team will assist you with planning out your implementation in a way that fits the way you work, not the way the school or district next door does. The team is proactive in spotting potential roadblocks to your success and will check in throughout the year to ensure you have the support you need to be successful.

Professional Development

We believe in professional development that leads with theory and moves quickly into action that will have an impact on student learning. This practical approach, when combined with our high-quality turnkey tools, helps educators apply their learning immediately after each session. Our flexible days and grouping allow us to work with districts and schools to serve multiple sets of needs.

Customer and Technical Support

An educator’s time is valuable, so when a question comes up, we understand that you need an answer right away. Our award-winning Technical Support team can help you troubleshoot any technical issues that could serve as roadblocks to your successful implementation as well as answer any general questions you may have about the program. The team prides itself on quick response time and doesn’t quit until your concern is addressed.

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