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Differentiating Instruction for Reading and Mathematics

Our Philosophy

We imagine mathematics classrooms with a focus on thinking and reasoning. We imagine mathematics instruction that is accessible and equitable. We imagine a place where learners are doing most of the talking and teachers are consistently providing high-impact tasks and opportunities to collaboratively problem solve. Only then will students become strong, independent thinkers and active contributors in mathematics conversations.


Engaged mathematicians thrive when:

  • Research-based mathematics routines are integrated into instruction.

  • Problems with real-world application are at the heart of each lesson.

  • The teacher facilitates and encourages active student questioning and discussion.

  • Students at all levels of language proficiency are given opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write about mathematics.

Our Solution

Built on the foundation of the highly acclaimed Ready Mathematics comes Ready Classroom Mathematics, a blended mathematics program that uses a discourse‑based instructional routine to build strong mathematical habits in students.

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