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Array Global


Array Global Educational Services Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in the United States. The directors of Array Global have over 100 years of experience in education and over 50 years of those working with all types of institutions throughout the world. Further, the directors have worked with various accreditation bodies, consulted with schools throughout the world and have provided professional development.


Array is excited to share with you and your teachers, students, and parents their collective experience and knowledge. The Array team strongly believes that the mission statement defines who they are and what they do:

“Partnering with institutions in their improvement efforts to ensure students are prepared for a global society.”

The focus and goal of Array is to help all institutions improve and they believe that when institutions improve, communities improve, and when communities improve our world improves. The founders of Array are focused on ensuring all students have a quality education so they can in turn improve the world.

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