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EduEnhance has partnered with Array Global to accredit K-12, primary, middle, high, international, national, post-secondary vocational/career, and distance-based institutions. Institutions must meet certain standards of quality to ensure they are providing a quality education for all students. Institutions that are accredited through Array Global join a family of prestigious organizations that work together to improve communities throughout the globe.

Array Global accredited institutions receive the following benefits:


Array Global is a standard of quality recognized throughout the world. Students who graduate from institutions accredited by Array Global will be recognized as graduates from institutions known for their high quality and globally-minded students.


Our relationship with the institution does not end once accreditation is achieved. Courtesy visits (face-to-face and virtual) are regularly conducted to ensure the institution has a relationship with Array Global to support improvement efforts.


Array Global works closely with government officials and provides institutions with support to ensure legal requirements are being met.


Institutions have access to the Array Global logo for promotional materials to show their community that they meet the high standards required for accreditation.


Would you like your institution to become internationally accredited? Get in touch to schedule a consultation.

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